4 Accommodation Tips for Successful Corporate Events


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If you're planning corporate catering events in Palo Alto, you have to make sure that your guests are going to be happy. But first you should make sure that everyone will be taken care of. Before you start planning the evening's entertainment, you should focus on the night's accommodations.

Here are a few tips that you should consider if you're attempting to accommodate for all your employees at your upcoming Palo Alto catering event.

Provide vegetarian food options

It's certainly not fair to only offer meat at these catering events. The easiest way to give your company a bad name or anger many of your guests is to not serve any healthy vegetarian meals throughout the night. Lucky, by working with quality Palo Alto catering companies, your guests will have plenty of vegetarian meals to choose from.

Provide gluten-free food options

Though it's nice to offer some vegetarian food options, you should still consider having plenty of gluten-free options as well. According to a Dinova survey, roughly 64% of all corporations include gluten-free meals at their corporate catering events.

Help those with disabilities

Make sure that you're being accommodating towards individuals with disabilities during your event as well. It's always a good idea to implement a seating arraignment, reserve certain tables or chairs, and keep entrance and exit ways clear.

Plan for an emergency

Hopefully your Palo Alto catering event will be a success from beginning to end, but it's still important to at least plan for any potential emergencies. You never know if there is going to be a health emergency, a fire hazard, or any other dire situation, so you should do your best to plan well enough in advance. As long as you can keep your cool during any stressful situation, you should be fine and the event can proceed afterwards. If it's anything dangerous or serious, be sure to contact the authorities or emergency crews right away.

Before you start finalizing your plans for you upcoming California event, make sure that you're providing the necessary accommodations to all of your guests. If you need additional assistance, and want to ensure a magical night, contact Justin's Catering and Event Productions.